We plan to invest resources and provide stewardship as we create long-term sustainable growth to ultimately produce outstanding, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


Elevate Private Equity strives to create exceptional value through our team of investment and operating professionals working collaboratively with the management of our portfolio companies.


Elevate Private Equity (Elevate PE) officially launched in April 2021, though the launch team, led by Dr. Tarek Moharram, has been hard at work laying the necessary foundations and groundwork for the prior 18 months. The firm, which is domiciled in the Netherlands, seeks to invest across multiple subsectors within the overall healthcare industry, including hospitals, labs, scans, centers of excellence, pharmaceuticals, and health insurance, with the aim to offer diversified and comprehensive healthcare services across Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa. While Elevate PE is currently focused on investments in healthcare services, the firm also seeks to later segue into investments in periphery sectors, including education and financial services.

Prior to Elevate PE becoming the strategic asset manager of Nile Scan & Labs, Dr. Tarek and his management team previously pitched a 7-year business plan aiming to deliver 5x growth and lead Nile Scan & Labs’ exit transaction. Accordingly, Dr. Tarek was appointed CEO of Nile Scan & Labs by its shareholders following the passing of Dr. Hazem Moharram, who had founded the company back in 1995. During his tenure, Dr. Tarek was able to effectively lead the management of Nile Scan & Labs’ assets, ultimately generating returns of 40% Y-o-Y over the last 10 years with a CAGR of 36% during the same period.


In April 2021, Elevate PE and Misr Capital, the investment banking arm of Banque Misr, launched an investment management vehicle called Elevate Healthcare, the general partner (GP) for the USD 380 mn Elevate Healthcare Fund. The fund aims to invest in various areas of healthcare, not just in Egypt, but across Sub Saharan Africa in general, by actively pursuing M&A transactions in the highly fragmented healthcare spaces across its targeted jurisdictions. Elevate Healthcare seeks to invest across 7 areas of healthcare, namely diagnostics, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, medical insurance, medical education, digital medical services, and biomedical engineering.

Our People

  • Dr. Tarek Moharram

    Group CEO

  • Abdelrahman Tarek

    Investment Manager

  • Mahmoud Waly

    Investment Manager

  • Amr Amin

    Head of Communications and IR

  • Amr Waly

  • Mohamed Abou Samra

  • Ahmed Omar


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